The National Trust at Monksthorpe

The key to the cottage can be obtained to view the chapel from Gunby Hall during Gunby Hall's opening times during the summer months. A deposit of 20 is returnable! See the National Trust Handbook for further details.

The grounds of the chapel are always open, and the Trust have taken on the responsibility of mowing the grass and keeping the grounds tidy.

The cottage has been extensively renovated and a new toilet has been built at the end of the cottage and is a 'stand-alone' building with hot water and disabled access.

Inside the cottage an old fashioned kitchen range has been fitted ( which works! ) and a sink in the kitchen area. The first cupboard is installed and there are some information boards on easels which tell of some of the history. Two special Monksthorpe chairs are in the living room area and there are plans for more furnishings and pictures to be put in the cottage which will help to realise the way life was in the 1800's.






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